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LAST UPDATED: 06-09-2012

So, does anybody read these things besides me? :P

The marching band season starts around mid-July but band camp doesn't begin until about August. I will have little time to work on Flipnotes then. o3o

Gosh, none of my friends have been on here recently. I feel so lonely. Hatena gets a little boring without my peeps. ;-;

I hate starbeggars, art theives, reposters, and false reporters. If someone reposts or steals my art ,I will report them. If you would like a drawing I might make you one if you ask nicely. :)

I have two series, Diammond Princess and Magical Alien Pai-chan. I am only working on MAPC at the moment. There are separate channels for both series. Check them out if you want.

If any of my characters or ideas look the same as yours, it's a coincidence and I apologize.

Thank you for reading.~ _ouo_