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UPDATE: I now supply music. If you are in need of a clear music track, I will supply it to you the next day at the latest at only 100 stars, but you must post the band and song name. If I am somehow unable to post your song the next day, you will get the song the next day and 200 stars for the inconvenience. Thank you for reading.

Hello fellow Hatenians! I used to be known as Creation, now I am Noicha. Pronounced (No-Sha) I have some helpful flips, some goofy flips, some pics of me, and some flat out pointless flips. I love to chat here on Hatena, if I am on ask me to chat I will come :P Outside of flipnotes, I am 16, I get straight A's in school (a nerd, no. a dork, yes :D) I come on here to relieve of stress so I have a life XD. Also, I am Native American. I can crochet and knit very well, I am a very good artist, not on flips but in my sketches, sculptures, and paintings. I am naturally goofy so you don't have to write "lol" after each one of my comments, I can feel you laughing :D jkjk, but Goofy people are a plus, so stay free.