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My full name is Cynthia Bones Marie Severus Ginger Belmont. I am one of four siblings. I have an older brother named Trevor, an older sister named Alice, and a twin brother named Clemente. My mother died when I was born, and my brother barely made it out alive. There was 27 minutes between our births so he was born when our mother was already dead. It is a sad story, but also a very interesting one.

Now some about where I live. I was born and am still currently living in London. I live in a five story house with a basement and attic. My brother, Clemente, and I share a room by choice, and have three video game rooms, one excersise room, two dressing rooms (we like to dress up and make believe), and there is also my father's room, my brother, Trevor's room, and Alice's room. It's a pretty big house.

Also, look for my flipnote series "Memories".