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name: Mary Kate... "xD but PLZ call me melon

Age: 10 ewe

Bio: when im hyper, im VERY hyper, im not flexible AT ALL, i suck at school, and i dont eat very much at a time =w= and one more thing... I LOVE ANIME!!!!!!

Favourite anime's: k-on, shugo chara, lucky star, kora wa zombie desu ka, pokemon x'D and wayyy more~


Melonie: MELONie is my main oc. she is basically like me, when shes hyper,shes VERY hyper, shes not flexible AT ALL, shes b@d at school, and she dont eat very much at a time =w= and she LOVES ANIME!!!!!!

Fox:this ish my new oc, Fox. she is incredibly (did I spell that right?) skinny, and is sooooooooooooooooooo flexible c: she is also very outgoing, and isnt very good at skool.....

Haru: haru ish my first guy oc!!! yay for meeee!! i actually made a guy occc!!! okai anyways... haru is a couch potato... but if he HAS to play sports, he is soooooooooooooooooo good at themmm... and as you can see he ish a neko ewe lawl I knoooww a boy neko lookes/sounds weird.........

BUT I HONESTLY DONT CARE ABOUT UR OPINION, FOOOO!!! lolol jk jk... okk, so anyways thats haru for ya :3

kirshin: kirshin is the newest adition to the family >w< well anyways.. kirshin is very... well... emo.. she's not active at all... and isnt very sociable... her only friend is a boy named storm, (they've been together since kindergarten ewe) and ya... oh and i almost forgot the most important part about her foo!! SHES A VAMPIREEEEEE >U<



".....ewe" yea thats one of my best... ovo its epic >:3 oh and the lyrics are... "I can break these cuffs, you cant break those cuffs! RAAAHHHH!!! -snap- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA x'D" lolololol yeaaa.... so check that out... the thumbnail is chibi melonie with kinda a suprised look... and theres no bg... dB so yea go check it out brooo ewe

well thats it for nowww!!!! baiii!!!! ewe

~meloncake <3