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hola soy Darkness wolf me encanta estar aqui como creadora in este sitio web.Hay beses que me siento como que no le importo a nadie... Aunque sepa q no es asi sin embargo lo siento... No es una buena sensacion pero cuando me siento de esta manera siempre e encontrado un mensaje q diga: me gusta tu arte,me gustaria dibujar como tu y muy buen flip. Mensajes como estos son los que me motivan a seguir adelante. Muchas grasia.

ello may name is Darkness wolf Am bearry happy Bing a creator hire on hatena some times i fill like nobody cares about me but i know thats not true. But yet i still get that fealling... But wen i fill this way i allwais find a comment like thos i love your art, i whish i cud draw like you. This comments are the ones that help me go on.

Thank you all.

50 fans=done

have 1 green star= done

post 10 filps= donehave 100 fans=done

have 3 green stars=done

post 30 flips=done

have 200 fans=done

have 1 red star=done

post 100 flips=done

have 500 fans=done

have 1 blue star=done

post 200 flips= done

have 1000 fans=done yes yes yes!!!

have a purple star=undome ):

post 300 flips=done

next gool XD

1500 fans before X-mas lol

i never give myself a breack XD

be in the most popular=done yay i love you all

be on 1-5 most popular=done Yes!!!

be 1 on the most popular=undone ):

famous people i have take t 2 or be friends=


Hikari dana,Ari~cat,Comet wolf

Minion Wolf,Wolfa,Sungodess

DeadSong,Neon Wolf,∴Link∴,Epik

Mischief,Kazi-Row±,Zakazy,Zombie Wolf,Europa.

if i mised you tell me kk.

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i got no more space to write sorry