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Hi there! I'm Snowstar, nice to meet you! I am leader of ThunderClan! I really like to post Flipnotes, they're fun to create! dB


I mostly make Pokemon and Cat AMVs and stuff, but I also like to do Regular Show, Dragon, Invader ZIM, and Chao sometimes. :3

                                                                                                                                                                      • My O.C.s:


Snowstar: A white she-cat, Snowstar is leader of ThunderClan. She loves Stonefur, but (spoiler!) when he dies, she moves to Cloudtail! dB She is my main O.C.

Olivia: An Eevee who was originally a human, Olivia is leader of Team EeveeRiolu. Her trusted partner is Riolu. She secretly has a crush on him.

LIV: A blue Irken, Olivia is one of the two princesses of Irk. Her father is the Red Tallest, and her uncle is the Purple. Her cousin is MAK (my sister's O.C.) They are sent to Earth to watch over ZIM. MAK develops a crush on ZIM, while LIV develops one for Dib. dB Her disguise is like ZIM's but she has a nose. I may change her disguise aroung though. Her SIR is KIR.

Olivia: A blue water dragon. She travels with Spyro and Sparx, and picks up a dragonfly herself; Sparky.


Riolu: A regular Riolu, he wanted to be an explorer. With the help of Olivia, (eevee) they form Team EeveeRiolu. He is the partner. The two eventually fall in love! :3

KIR: A yellow SIR unit, KIR is LIV's faithful companion. He looks slightly like a SIR unit. When he gets mad, his one eye, one arm, and one leg turns blue. dB His disguise is a horse.

Sparky: A male Pikachu, Sparky was one of the first characters I ever created. I made him when I was four.

Shinxyz: A minion to Infinity, Shinxyz was a regular Shinx until Infinity tweaked his genetic makeup. He now has to follow Infinity's orders, but longs to be normal.


My friends on Hatena include:




Webkinz (not a registered Hatena artist)

soccerrocks22 (not a registered member)

Christmas (not a registered member)

I have an upcoming series, so be on the lookout for that! it's called, "Revenge of the Mutants"! dB There will be so much action! :D


I will do an RP finally, if anyone wants to do one! :D



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Have a good day! :) dB