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Hey hey hey! My name is Destiny (DUR!) I'm 14 years old. Anyways...Ilove vocaloid. My cousin introduced me to it year ago and i've been loving it ever since (Neru X Len FTW) Mmmhhh...what else? Oh!! I love anime, manga, yaio =w=. I dont really like yuri that much beacause its kinda akward watching your same sex doing it. ( i think we all now ''doing it means :3). I like the hard core stuff. Trust me my friend Emma is WAY worse than me. Youtube this yaio "Sencitive Pornagraphy.'' You can't unsee o.O. my fav anime is Lovely Complex. My Birth day is March 25, so when comes you better wish me a good one! My favorite Movie are the Madea movies. (lolz) I have 3 ANNOYING sisters. Umm... probably gonna hate me for this but I HATE Justin Beiber. Oh my god! that kid is soooo annoying!!!! Anyways... my favorite color is purple and yellow (wait thats two) Well if wasn't obvious enough for you retards out there but i am a Girl. Umm... well i think that enough you all need to now about me. Sorry about my spelling and grammer~BYEZ!

 P.S. I'm in your closet >:D