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Oh, hello and welcome to my Creators Room!

My name is Enbiya.

Plork and Mad Monkey coming*

Oh, that's Plork, my alien friend. And that is Mad Monkey, a monkey who's mad. Happy? Good.

I have a lot of favorite Flipnoters, like Raving Boy, MPATurtle and Three D. That are the first creators I saw on Hatena.

Raving Boy is a funny creator with so good flips that you freak off! Without him Hatena would be not so good as now. You must watch his flips!

Command: Right, Down, Y, Right, R, Down, Up, B.

MPATurtle draws legendary! His characters are EPIC!

Command: R, Right, Left, L, Up, Y, Up, R.

Three D, the guy with his cool alien! His pixel flips are awesome! He, Luigi and Random Guy are Sprite Kings!

Command: Up, A, Right, R, B, R, Right, Right.

Oh, and my best creators ranking so far: 11.

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E-Mail -

YouTube - DjoetFlips

DeviantART - Djoet

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Ravin' Ryan

Reaper JR.

Pasta Guy

Dutch Guy



Scone Boy


FoXy Boy



Lazer Sofa



Ok, that's it. Bye.

Still here?


Ok, then I'll go.

From Djoet, the craziest guy you ever met.