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Wowwwww, I havent updated this thing in forever XD Anyways, I noticed my friend Brew$t@r changed her About Me page too. So I figured it was time for me to change it dB

Name: Flareon (my name's Jake irl)

Age: 15

Here's a list of mah friends:

Dom T3T (Dom, Dominic)

PillowBear (Marissa, Lts)

SparklyFox (Sparkly)

☆ßrew$t@r♪ (Brew, Breweh)

Sやarky (Sparky)




Blade Wolf (Blade)

Wartortle (Barkey, Barkeh)



ShinyShinx (Sparky dB)




Dark Dヨlta


Ink Cat



Yep dB

Favorite Music: Classic Rock. I listen to bands such as: Styx, The Cars, Pink Floyd, Journey, Rush, Yes, INXS, ZZ Top, etc.

Favorite SINGLE Song: Renegade by Styx

Siblings: a sister named Holly (WhiteCocoa)

Random Appearance Facts: I have dark brown hair and green eyes, and Im about 6" feet tall. dB

Interests: Making YouTube videos with mah friends, playing RuneScape and MineCraft with my friends while we all talk on Skype, listening to music, watching Family Guy on my Droid phone, drawing, playing wii, etc.

Favorite Show: Family Guy

Things I hate: Alot of Disney shows T_T.... let's leave it at that e-e

Favorite Books: Uhmmmm, I like War of the Worlds, Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, and some other books. I only knew about these classic books because of a reading class back in 6th grade dB

Favorite Game: RuneScape and MineCraft.

My Goals on Hatena are...