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I like ANIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite is YU-GI-OH! {All}

Here are others I like:

Naruto {ALL}

Deltora Quest

Avatar The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra

Dragon Ball Z {All of them.}

Basicly every kid-friendly anime.

  • GOALS-

100 fans

Get fav'd by Altiar. {Hope I spelled that right!}

Get fav'd by BOSS. {I know, I'm crazy.}

1,000 fans {ARE YOU NUTS?!!!!}

Get fav'd by Oxygen.

100 DB eps.

Get citizenship- Check

Create DB channel-Check

Have a flip in the MP. {I'm worried about my mental health. XD}

Finally change my icon withOUT ANY PROBLEMS!-Check {IKR, :O}

Get fav'd by The King.

Finish DB before memo comes out.

That's all for now...

Here is more about me: