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I randomly post random things on here

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I randomly post random things on here

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Like how long that I been here? :U

I'm like walking dead around here :U


birth: Dec,11,1995

Sex: Male

when he join Hatena: September,25,2010

OC list By DraggyStar

Pokemon: Charizard (Japanese リザードン Lizardon)

Anthro animal: Fire Dragon

Tybe: Random, Story Writing, Testing Flipnotes, Art drawing [for warming up] and funny

Made Channel: 2 Channel are ☆FireStar★'s Channel [It's for ☆FireStar★, Fans, Friends and Awsome people's flipnotes] and Story Series Channel [This for ☆FireStaronly]

FireStar★'s Friends List in Order when I become friended from the pass!

id:Blue_Blogger101 (charly but he is an blogger)

◎ J0Rg€™ ◎ id:ShadowLugia116, MarPokeSon335 (A good friend and first friend in Hatena)

GiGi<3Ray☆ id:Chikorita (insane little friend)

Rose id:ram227 (she more to other Dsi but soon we're find her)

EarthBound id:SallyAcorn

FleesVeon id:ana555

Spike/Spikerz id:sora220 (good dragon buddy)

Liquaza/C.C.C. id:IcicleTyranitar711 (nice friend and QUIT Hatena <;'()

Foxhound 2 id:Foxhound_8492nd (Digimon Dude)

D id:D-Noah (we'er good friends)

Shi Dragon id:Ike123 (good Roll Play buddy)

HikariDana id:danabird012 (wolfy)

クラウス/Cluse id:Salami-dono (we're good and Nel's Sis)

B-DayNel id:Salami-dono (クラウス's Sis

オスカーノリ/Oscar/◎★おすか☆◎ id:starmarosc13 (Fire Buddy)

シターヅヤ/Snivy id:Crazy-Arceus

Alyfox27/メSïnメ id:Alyfox27 (best creepy friend *W*)

DevlMayCry/OokamiChan id:Shadowcrushesall (Best Artest and a great friend)

Jaycko Jr id:smarque1 (Fire buddy and can't see Hatena)

30sec2mars id:ArTiCuNo13 (good Friend who always seen me)

Pups id:CHL (lol cute puppy!!! oops I mean an blue friend)

JひN↑たね--★/Bye4NowoDo id: Tutkuio (nice friend)

RaveReady/ToxicWaste id:Freakazoid (hates me but I miss her as good friends :'()

pokemon100 id:lapras

Wormy™ id:Wormy

MasQuerade id:MAsQueRAde (don't ask but hopes)

Cookie id:darkness13

Drazule id:zixmix

Dark_Eid:FLAMING_E (a real life cuzin)

GORFMAN id:Gorfman (I never seen him longer :S)

Moy id:One-up

Nintentwin/Corn id:nintendoz (Rockn's Tiwn Sis)

Rockn id:Tsutaaja (corn Twin Sis)

Zoruplup id:Matryoshka-Pippy

star id:star1796 (TOONY GIRL! :D)

DKoopaKid/DKoopaTeen id:OwnageLegend (not so kid more like teen e.e)

yoshi_106 id:yoshi_106

Yoshidrawr id:yoshi-drapture15

※Déjà~vu※ id:DianaC0504 (my cuzin from real life)

Dark☆Charid:Dranon (Char buddy)

Ryuuminari id:ryuuminari

Likes:DSi Chat, redness, great funny chat, and something nice for me.

Favorites Artist: Anyone who can do it and do it for best!

Favorites movies: ZombieLand, 2012, Avatar, Gremlins, The Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, The Spy Next Door, Pokemon (all), Get Smart, Alice In Wonderland, Thron, scott pilgrim vs. the world, Free Willy, Joe Dirty, Diary of the wimpy kid

Favorites TV shows: pokemon, History, Dan VS, The Simpsims, MAD, Spongebob, Invader Zim, So Random, Digimon, House of Anubis, The Troop, and My Little pony Friendship is Magic

Favorites Animate Shows: Pokemon ,Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Digimon, Black Butler, Legendz, K!ll me Baby, Dragon Riders, Hackers, Wolf's Rain, FLCL, and Fairy Tails

Favorites bands / musical artists: Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, DJ Earworm, and Vocaloid People

Favorites Books: Catching Fire, Diary of a wimpy kid (all)

Favorites Games: Pokemon, Super Mario bros, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, Earthbound/Mother, Pikmin, Epic Mickey, MySims, Sonic, Animal Crossing, Minecraft (PC Game), Scott pilgrim vs. the world, Other wii games, and other DSi/3DS Games

Favorites list will keep updates later...

Dislike: big Noobish, fail report on hight stars Noob, Noob posting FS's Cannel to there Scam flipnote, Noob tricking, Name caller, calling friends *****, liers and Faking to be an friend [most hating thing].

People are made up: Julia, Lisa, Jeff, Maria, Nick, Joe, Anna, Steve, Jack, Mr. Clock, Jon the White Dragon, and more...

DaviantArt: http://fireedstar.deviantart.com/

FaceBook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ed-the-Charizard/229422873760676

Animal Crossing WW (I hacked and IDK how?):

Animal Crossing City folks: brother's 0088-8927-0951 mine's 3095-1743-5369 Town: Animal




Mario Kart Wii: 4856-1242-5104

Mario Sport Mix:


Pokemon Black: 4856-5987-9832 name Ed???????

Bumber man Blast:

Super Smash Bro Braw: 4426-6912-0890

Wii Mail:

3DS: 4682-8673-2191

The Friend codes will be updates later and my Wii got updates and now I can play with my friends! :D BUT only on weekends from School... =A=

(-^.=.^-) this will grow soon...

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Don't ask


I don't know



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uh No...

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Not going to ask


Drawing, making friends, playing games and thinking something

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ART and animations


Really sucks at English