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I am a true Naruto fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am from Greece.My name is Efi(comes from a greek name:Efthymia(Ευθυμία).I like making new friends and I don't have enemies.I was born in Saturday 26th of June 1**** and my zodiac sign:♋(cancer).My fave gun is:Beretta m92fs.I know some japanese because Japan is my fave country.I know to speak greek,english and I'm learning japanese.Anime and manga is my life.My best flipnote hatena friends are Laura™,Claire❤❤ and Reshy.I owe my thanks to Laura™ for adding me to her clan and for making to me a sonic chara named "Efi the wolf"(I also admire her for being the first flipnote hatena person that has ever talked to me).I like Naruto,Naruto Shippuden,Bleach,Rozen Maiden,Rozen Maiden Traument,Hetalia Axis Powers,Hetalia World Series,The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,Pokemon,Medabots!I also like Resident Evil,Shaman King,Avatar The Last Airbender,Teen Titans and I know a little bit of Twisted Metal..My fave sites:Resident Evil Wiki,Anime Ratio,Flipnote Hatena and Resident Evil Portal.I ❤ fanmade chibies of various anime and manga.

Thank you all for your stars!

I made something below:




Well, hope I'm going to be awarded feedback about my flips and everything from YOU!Feel free to comment to my flips about anything!^_^