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I always knew about this but I couldn't be bothered to do it...

uhh, lets see...


Age: _CLASSIFIED_ (only meh friends know.)

Gender:what do you think...? my name is ELLIE. O-o imma girl.

Music preference: ALTERNATIVE ROCK,pop punk, rock some pop songs... weird because I'm a rock type... o-o

Fave band: COLDPLAY!!!!!

Singer:It changes, lol, I don't have one



(in specific order)

Inkon:) (one of meh first friends ever, thats why I love her, she loved me when I was a noob! :D)

Rikku (one of my most nicest and artistic friends EVER! She draws awsomely... check her draws)

StarLight (who is my friend in real life)

Mr_Brightside (luff chu mah bud, and smile more often! just jk, your awshum. I've still got that cat hat you gave me :))

Hunneh (you know who you are!)

Dotty Lotty (my adorable friend, you prob my closest friend CUZ WE SHO SHIMILAR! And we talk on msn, lol you a kewl drawer too!)

L↑SA(wow... all I can say, sooo talented! and its weird how such a famous perso is such good friends with me!)

Me (a gorgeous, gorgeous person!)

Leah (an insanely nice, generous person who is just so nice and won't get you upset :) )

Chai (she's a new friend! Shes so lovely!)

Sorry!! I haven't been around that much and I'm dumb and stupid like that! It's cuz I'm on holiday and I won't be back till the 30th of August! Love you all!