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hello my name is eme :D im 15, 16 in 2 months!! XD (jan.10) i live in the mitten :0

im a girl :s im a sophomore D: (so hard) taking night school cause i failed algebra lol (im such a loser) Im arabic :D i love God,family and my friends, i love hanging with my friends doing crazy stuff :0 and love going to parties ^w^ im random , funny , outgoing, crazy, and an awesome friend :D so fav me

i loveeeee volleyball and soccer oh and music!! i love all my friends here and in RL life X) mawhhz shoutouts too eric,ashley,juanito,chris,kaykay,starry,rey,

ruby,ahmed,jose,saeed,freaky,jess, jessica,cindy,jamal and many more :D luv u all ♥ well i think thats all u guys should know bout me

fav me ;D bye :]

The world isnt ending..Im just takin over ;D