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Hello- It's 8:07 A.M. right now so I don't have much time to fill fill this... Let's start with the Anime(s) and Manga(s) I love... I love Fairy Tail, FullMetal Alchemist, Cirque Du Freak, Legend of Zelda, Whistle, Hetalia, Vampire Knight, Kekkaishi, Rosario Vampire, Kingdom Hearts, Death Note, Afterschool Charisma, Eden of the East (including the movies), Nabari No Ou, Hikaru No Go, Soul Eater, Princess Mononoke, Bleach, High School of the Dead, There is more but I can't remember 'em...

Well-- I'm twelve years old, I'm in the sixth grade. I love drawing so much. It is something I could do all day! Sadly... I can't. I would like to learn how to animate but at the moment my animations are kinda sketchy so I need to practice.

I learned to draw Manga about nine months ago; I learned the basics from a flipnote in September, I used to watch flipnotes and practice drawing before I started Hatena.

Ahem... The bands I like are:

Nevershoutnever!(It's the best!), Owl City, Panic! At The Disco, HelloGoodBye, Deathcab For A Cutie, The Rocket Summer, Black Veil Brides, Breath Carolina, Brokencyde, Bl00d On The Dance Floor, Saving Alexandra, Bring Me The Horizon, Coldplay, Mayday Parade, and a lot more!

MaruMaru is my favorite Creator of all time!

Refia, MatsuneKun, Lanz, Otter, PickyEater, Fangirl, Chami-Chan, Om-Nom-Nom, ArtMurder, Kanwal, QuietTeen, Mr. Blue, Skitttles, Oreos, Shida, Lev, Awkward, Smrty Arty, Nat-Chan, TinyHeart, F, Forgotten(F and Forgotten both quit...), Vicky, Kite(Kite has got a new name and account.), Satou B~, Calvin, nnicky, Pink, Lomokos, BlueIndie, Ritsuka, Ichigo, and these Creators were not in order. Except for MaruMaru, he is my favorite.

Seeker Notes is the series that I've been working on for months. Its origianl name was "Stars" then I had a dream and changed it to "Secret Notes". The other day my older brother told me to change it to "Seeker Notes" so it'll make more sense.

In this series there are seven catogories in which you'll be described; Shinigami, Guardian, Wizard, Deity, Note, Monster, or Human.

A Shinigami has power over death. Shinigami means Death God, so I dedcided that's their power. they'll also have some other super-natural power in addition.

A Guardian has power over Air, Iron, or Pronemiunm(Promnimium is an element I made up). And no, Guardians only have control over one element.

A Wizard has Magic power which comes from the source, which is Light. Light is the only power that can obliterate a Shinigami; Which makes Shinigamis and Wizards natural enemies.

A Deity has power over one of the following elements and protects their elements nature, Flame, Water, and Forest. There are allowed to be three Deitys, they shall be a Deity until they've chosen the next Deity.

Flame= Destruction.

Water= Life.

Forest= Peace.

All are needed.

A Note is a Human has some blood of a Shinigami, Wizard, or a Guardian. The blood they have organizes what their future ahead.

A Monster is a former Human who had Vampire/Vampanese, Demon, Ghoul, etc Ogans. Usually the case is: They need Organs for surgery and a (Look at the options above) donates an Organ to them, whch then makes them a monster. There was one man named Peace who went insane and devoured a Vampanese heart. He is Monster/Human. Long story.

A Human is a creature that has no contol over any kind of element.(You should know what a Human is...)

All right! That's all I can tell you about Seeker Notes at the moment.

I hope someone reads this...