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Hello! My name is SECRET. What, you seriously thought would tell everyone, even people I don't know? Ooh, it's frustrating isn't it? Knowing, yet not knowing a secret... Anyway, I live in England and my town is SECRET. I like to draw (or at least try to) anime. Well, I'm guessing you want to know about my characters, eh? Well, Spike is a character I dreamed up whilst I was in year 1 in primary school. Hem started out as a stickman with spikes attached to his head (a big one at the top, a medium sized spike in the middle and a small one at the bottom). This is how the name "Spike" came into being. Over time, the eyes changed from circles to black right-angled triangles. The spikes also detached from his head, and more limbs were added. Now, onto Gadzooks (or Zookie, as he is fondly known amongst me and my friends). He was a dragon I made up in Y5, inspired by playing 'DragonQuest'. I have come under quite a lot of fire about the name Gadzooks as it appeared in a book written by Chris D'lacey. I went and checked this book out (and I enjoyed it, I recommend you read it to) and found out that Gadzooks was a dragon in the book, but i didn't get the name from the book. I got the name from going on wikipedia and clicking 'random' and I got an article about a president or something, and found a cool word in it. Gadzooks. Still, back to Gadzooks. He is 30ft tall and 39ft long with a 40ft wingspan. He was actually the God of Dragons in a previous life and often shows powers of the Dragon God when fighting (e.g.Pure Energy, creating black holes, causing comets to crash into the enemy) He was found as an egg by Spike, and since Gadzooks hatched, they've been best friends. Gadzooks also has another leftover power from his past life which is telepathy. He communicates to his peers using this power. So there's my characters! But that's the fantasy world, more about me in the real world. I'm male, XX years old and my telephone number is (XXXXX)XXXXXX. Well, if you'd bothered to read this entire profile, well done and......Seeya! (:-)