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RIGHT. guys, I think you should know this but

at O4OO GMT in shotton lane, wales, flintshire. somebody started a fire where this social club was. the EDL and councill were going to change it into a mosc and the people of shotton didn't like that, so they started a protest. a few weeks after that big protest began the fire. the whole street (1OO people) had to evacuate. 7 Fire Engines had came from Deeside, Flint, Mold, Rhyl, Holywell and Wrexham had tried to put the fire out. it's still going now at 13:26pm

We (me and my family) are all fine. It's just a massive shock. We are staying at my nan's house. we didn't WANT to go to the leisure center. I think I had about 2 hours sleep.

We don't know when we're going back home. So, yeah. I didn't bring any of my possessions, just a blanket. My nan and grandad have been extremely helpful <3 xxx thank you all for the fun :') But... AND I mean. My DSi is kaput so errr... yeah.. DSi XL on the way XD


it's 15.59 and we're back hooome! found out on the website it was okay to go home

at 10am xD oh well, we're safe xxxx

uhm. yeah, guys. I'm just gonna talk to you all and things like that. xD <3 xxx