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Hey! I'm Figglstuph! Ummm, well actually, my real name is Lily... But you can call me either of them! I also respond to Figgl-chan, Figgl, Skittles, ririi, ririi chan, ririi san or ririi ojousama! (lol, only if you want to!)Feel free to make up appropriate nicnames for me if you want to! I am an Australia living in Queenland and I am 13 years old!

I appreciate all of my fans! You guys are the best in the world! You make me feel very special! I read all of your comments and try to reply all of the questions. Feel free to ask some! I love everyone who gives me stars! Yellow, green, red (thankyou piepiecat for giving me my first red.)............... I love them all!!!! I will give anyone who gives me a red star 3000 yellow stars!!! (not a scam)

I am a huge manga and anime freak! I love Naruto, Negima, Pokemon, Vampire Knight, Hetalia, Death Note, Bleach, Lucky Star, Hetalia, Vocaloid, D.N.Angel, Shugo Chara, Fruits basket..................... Eh! Can't be bothered to name them all!!!!! I also love to draw anime although I am not very good at it..........

I also have many cartoon crushes such as:

. N from Pokemon

. Kotaro from negima

. Tamaki, Hunny, Hikaru, Kaoru and Kyoya.

. Sasuke, Suigetsu and Sai from Naruto

. Hanabusa, Takuma, Senri, Zero and Ichiru from vampire Knight

. Prince Zuko from Avatar the last airbender

. Tadase Hotori,Kukai Soma, Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara

. Len Kagamine and Oliver!!!! (vocaloid)

. Daisuke and Dark from D.N.Angel

. Momiji, Kyo and Hatori from Fruits Basket

. Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Lativa, Russia, Germany and Sealand from hetalia

. Minoru Shiraishi from lucky star XD

. Mizuiro from bleach

. And the list is so long that you wouldn't have time to read it all.

Have fun!!!!!

Oh! And I have deviantart! SO if you want to take a look please do.

P.S. I can also speak a bit of Japanese so if you wanna chat ot practice japanese, I'm heeeeerrree to help!

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