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EDIT [6/27/11] - Major apologies for taking this long break. Nothing is in the works due to my severe lack of motivation. Hopefully one day, I'll get something out there. Not a stupid chatroom, or an 'update flipnote', or a rant... something real. For now, I'm just dead. Keep an eye out, people! I still have some extra lives somewhere..



This series is put on hold until I 'un-rust' from my fighting-flipnote technique. In other words, I need to get used to action flipnotes again. I'm not releasing RK vs SD immediately, so RK vs SD 4 can be released a week or so after the 3rd, as well as the short Interlude scene between them.


RK vs SD was like, just a test to see if stick figure fighting wasn't the best type of fighting. It looked easy to do, so I gave myself a challenge and drew up the RK vs SD fight. RK is my character, hammer in hand and sporting a headband. SD (Smash Dee) is my best friend's character, he's the Waddle Dee with the headband/bandana thing, and has a bomb gun thingy. Lol.

I'm hoping to make around 4-5 parts for RK vs SD, because it's fun to have something other than sticks fight.


~Luigi animations~

Upcoming: Luigi on Valentine's Day, Luigi on YouTube, Luigi on a Mission.

Okay, so this all started a week before Halloween (which is near-after my birthday). I just had an idea of Luigi celebrating one of my favorite holidays... So I drew him up, and went along with the idea. After it became.. SORTA popular, I made a Part 2 (even though Halloween was over lmao). People liked my Luigi drawings.. So I decided to make more..

That's when I lost motivation. I SERIOUSLY wanted to make Luigi on Thanksgiving and Luigi on Christmas/New Years EPIC and SPECIAL, but man, the laziness kicked in and I only got both flipnotes half done each by the time the holiday came. I apologize for people who actually wanted to see those two flips, but hey, 2010 ALSO HAS THOSE HOLIDAYZ (:O) so I'm gonna see if I can improve and give you those two holiday episodes then.



AIM - LuigiKirbyRK (please E-MAIL me or message me if you wanna be added, and lemme know you're from Hatena!)

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