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Bio time u stalkers!!!!!!!!!!

Name:Francisco(Frankie) Elliot Frausto


City:eh fine i'll tell hehe good luck finding me dumb@sses i live in Bakersfield, California (where Gabriel Igesias first started his gig)

Likes:music especially old school,Sonic,going on mai dsi 4 drawing or chatting,drawing,pokemon,skating,pranks,thats what she said jokes ,sleeping, swimming,traveling,churros,being hyped off air lol(inhale exhale >W<)dinosaurs(im a dino freak -w- and still am),watching T.V.,and the L.A. Lakers!!!!!

Dislikes:epic fails during sports,making a fool out of maiself,pineapple upside down cake leh!,homework,country music,girl drama,and ppl staring @ meh liek i owe them money or liek a fr3@k of nature

Info: was born on May 14,1996 in california,i think 2009 was the worst year thru mai point of view cuz all the deaths and d!sasters,I've been drawing sonic for 4 or 3 yrs (started around somewhere in 6th grade and now i ish a freshmen),im in band camp(i play the trumpet),i do wear a ring on mai right middle finger but its a spiked ring, the wierdist spot where i have a mole is on mai neck and its not no h!cky-.-', X3,i almost d!3d twice b4(almost getting h!t bai a white expadition and drowning in the grand openning of this lake cuz of the stupid current and only 2 ppl helped me ,some girl and mai cousin)

im on Deviantart the names 1950ed i draw better on paper than on a game system and u can ask 4 requests here and/or on paper

dBawesome face lol