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That one girl who was around for forever and just always complained about stuff??? I dunno...

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That one girl who was around for forever and just always complained about stuff??? I dunno...

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UPDATE AS OF April 2020: Yes. You've found me. Moongaze. If you were looking for me, look no further. You're favorite silver tabby is still alive and well. But like many others I go by other names nowadays.

You know? It's really frustrating when old Hatena friends are impossible to find again. I want to avoid that. Unless I die or I have to flee the country for some reason, these will NEVER change, and I am always logged into at least two of them at just about any given time. I don't see that changing anytime within the next five years either. :)

~Steam: DisguisedPapaya

~Discord: disguisedpapaya#9263

~Hatena's Warriors: (Discord chat group Phantomfur started; get in touch with me if you would like to be invited)

~And yes, even neopets: moonandthestars (because I'm a dweeb and still get on to play Jelly Blobs of Doom sometimes)

~You can also find me on places like AO3, Casting Call Club, and Twitter if you look hard enough. I have links to those and probably other sites as well embedded somewhere on one or more of the links provided above. Seriously, guys, I'm everywhere. I'm not good at being hard to find.

I still have fond memories of Hatena, and I wonder about old friends on here more often than is probably healthy.

~Moongaze <3

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Well, hello, there. My name is Moongaze. I also answer to MG, Mooneh, and Gazeh, just to name a few of the nicknames i've come to receive. I have been working on the same series for about two and a half years, now; i'm SUCH a diligent worker! 'XD I was once addicted to this place, but now not so much, that's one of the many reasons that it will sometime eventually be time for me to go. i'm proud to say that i'm no longer addicted. i have a deviantart. to stalk me there, go to the bottom of this thingy-ma-bob. i've been around for, like, ever, in Hatena time (though there are a few others that have been here longer than me; most have quit though). i am starting to get involved at my school, and i couldn't be happier! our musical is gonna be awesome!!!! >:D Beauty and the Beast!!! <3 <3 <3 i am a Mormon! it's the greatest blessing in my life that i could ever ask for! if you're not a Mormon, you should be; it's a great religion/lifestyle. X3 um... that's it, i think. :|

status time! <3

  • name: Moongaze
  • gender: female
  • age: 16 moons
  • clan: N/A
  • rank: loner
  • mate: Hawkfire
  • kits: num
  • fav/theme song: "A Change in Me" -Beauty and the Beast
  • MG <3


Facebook: Natalie Moongaze [IT'S BEEN CHANGED!!!!!] (don't check too often) (deleted that forever ago)

Hatena: Flying_on_Dragon_Wings (check every now and then) (lol not really, no)

email: (don't check too often) (don't remember the password anymore???) sabinasdragonwings (on there a lot) (this site no longer exists as it did; I'm still salty about that)

Youtube: Nettleheart (don't check often) moonandthestars OR moongaze_warriors (check the second-most often) (JUST KIDDING ONLY LIKE ONCE A YEAR AND REALLY ONLY THE FIRST ONE ANYMORE)

DeviantART: carrot-cat17 (most active there)

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too old to be visiting here anymore, what am I doing?


Apr 22

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Provo, UT


Drawing, Singing, not doing the things I say I'm gonna do

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I can do the worm with my finger and turn my lower lip inside out does that count?


English, French, Franglais