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Hey everyone! I'm Rein [pronounced like rain for those of you who didn't know, haha]. This is my main account, I have another account under the same name (Rein) on my DSi XL. I'm going to be boring and unoriginal and just tell you what my favourite things are. :P


Colour: Sky Blue/Teal -depends on my mood.

Music: Just about anything but classical. Right now I'm more into pop and stuff like that. (:

Animal: Wolf/other canines (how creative haha)

Video Game: Skyrim! ♥ "Fus Ro Daaah!!" Yep Imma nerd. Love meh.

Movie: I don't know... I like the Pirate of the Caribbean movies.. and Rango.. and various horror films.

TV Show: The original Twilight Series from the 1960's. (: Yes.

Food: Pies. All pies.


Okay, now that I've bored you to death, you probably want to go. That's understandable. ^^; If you ever want to chat/roleplay/collab., just ask and I'll gladly reply. (:


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