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UPDATED 7/28/2012

Sup guys,G-man is here and I wanted to let you guy's know that I don't know an animation website to use,maybe on Macromidea 8,but still,it I download somthing from flash and it's one month free,if I delete it and download it again,will it still be free?let me know in any other flipnote from the comments below!

In other news,my time for Youtube is almost up,and I bet you guys are wondering,"UUHHHH,G-MAN,WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL AUGUST 16th FOR YOUR VIDEO'S ON YOUTUBE!"Well,it's because I wanted to gather up all of my video's in order in my computer,so then I can release one episode on one certin day every week,non stop,it may be un-necissary(MISS-SPELL!)but I know how many inpaitient people there are on Youtube,so I do this to keep people happy!

Oh,and about my comedy collab,IDK if some ppl want to do it or not,but hey,it will be fun when I post the scripts,remember!

And aswell of EddsWorld fans,Leave Tord alone,he left EddsWorld in 2008 and people won't stop bugging him,He can't even use his real name!