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Hey! GameGoddess here! I'm 15 years old and im your average all-around nerdd! XD

I love to play videogames on my Wii so if you wanna play online ask for my Wii number. OH and I have an Xbox 360 and 3DS too! So just let me know if you wanna meet up. I am also a huge fan of manga and anime so you can call me an otaku(: Some things i'm watching now are:

Hetalia(Germany is my fav<3)

Squid Girl ( I haven't started yet >.< )

Shugo Chara (so kawaii)

Demon King Daimao (wear longer skirts plzz XD)

Skip Beat! (where the heck is season 2!?)

DeathNote (I<3L)

Reborn!(only 1 episode so far XD)

Uraboku (Finished, it was awshumm!)

Art is like, my life! When im not playing Wii or watching anime im drawing. So naturally i'm addicted to Hatena.


I'd love to be your Hatena buddy too so drop me a comment!

If theres anything you wanna see or if you want to be featured in one of my flipnotes just drop me a comment! I'd love to hear from you guys. I'll also use this space for updates so here goes:


1. Yaay! New project: I'm working on finishing a PV started by BlueWolf

2. As for Shimai, my series that never was, I dont really kno. Thts all im gonna say for naow ^w^

3. WOOT! Over 150 fans! Guys you ROCK!

4.Check out my DeviantArt! I'm still workin on posting more stuff!

5. Im taking requests!

6. Also working on a MV to a Nicki Minaj Super Bass instrumental, It's on speed 5 so it's kind of a challenge but i'm excited about it

Thanx for tuning in ^-^