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Heya People whos reading this... (which is NOBODY cause all of you dont like meh). Well as you can see i am filipino and i like Dragon Ball Z series (which includes GT). And i play pokemon -ALOT- and i like to battle different Hatena Creators to test out my skills (cause i think im pretty good). And i Play Brawl which is Super Smash Brothers Brawl!!!


So if youd like to battle or Brawl me just leave a comment and ill try to comment back!

And Yeah i like Making and Spinning off Flipnotes

BUT not to Steal!!!



I havent been posting for a while because the loss of motivation. (its not like any of you care...) just to inform you. i didnt quit im just taking a strategic break from flipnotes, unless i find a crazy vocaloid song that makes me just want to make a PV (may be soon)

or have another profile pic. See you guys later. (who, nobodys reading this you dope!).....

Ugh i have no idea why i have lost my citenzenship


i still have that ribbon thing but i dont hav my citenzenship

wel please (whoever is reading is this) can yo lnk some of my flipnotes and thankyou for reading this.....

UPDATE 7/27/12

Um i will be posting soon OFto and i would wish if any of you guys (who are a flipnote citizen) if you can link my flips to oher channels xp *'till then*