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https://minecraft-server-list.biz - Guilds in WoW and linkshells in FFXI are major social entities, with their members meeting each other daily for years. We discussed our options for a few days, but we decided that the major issue, and one of the reasons why the guild was so affected when people left is because Blades Edge EU - is really really quiet. If you want a walkthrough guide, make sure you get one by one of the top players, such as Nyhm, Joana, Dugi, or Zygor. It was sad that so many people had left, and it was sad that the guild which had worked so hard to get to the top, was taking a massive tumble. I roped the husband into healing (although he worked more as a DPS) and the three of us set off. In Battle for Gilneas, we identified a DPS and Healer to stay at Lighthouse, and the rest of the group went to attack Waterworks, we then arranged on a DPS and Healer to remain at Waterworks whilst the rest of the group including one healer would stand in between the two bases and react according to what the situation required. Once we had killed the group we would help escort our flag carrier and then regroup up and send a rogue to identify exactly where the EFC was hiding and then attack as a big group leaving our tank flag carrier, a healer and possibly one DPS. Most fun course to play as one of the two new...