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Hi my name is Nicole,Im 10 years old.I live at Northern Ireland but I was born in a country called Philippines,I go to school at Edenderry Primary School Portadown and I usually make friends at flipnote hatena .

I love Fab Lollies and Fanta mmmmmmmmMMMmm..... My friends are abibaybee,mezza,midnight,cola,elimy,hugeldude,chibi,whelahd,darth baby ,raving boy and vintage

I have a dsi game WarioDIY and Nintendogs woof wooof i like that game but i might be getting for my wii Dance and mario kart.

I have been watching flipnotes and try to make it like that and sometimes I been drawing manga and i learn to make flipnotes that makes people like it.

Well i get the idea of that is just making flipnotes, I just think that i make a flipnote like a movie and i make flips what im making right now

and just what is happening to me ,in school and going on holidays.

Sometimes on my free time I play with my friends and go to flipnote hatena and make flipnotes and School.

I like to create flipnotes that flipnoters like and I make music flipnotes.

And I have other Accounts I have Deviantart:RavingGal and facebook.