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Hey every one!! :D I am Hannah Smith from Oregon!!! :D

I wish I was a famous creator. But, I am not... :(

Well, take a look at my flipnotes! Even though they aren't that great... :(

I had a twin sister, named Lily. She and I were beaten, we were abused by our parents...

On July 12 2010 she and I came home from school one day and our mom just started beating and beating us. We nearly died. After that my dad forced Lily outside and into his pick-up truck, bu the hair. She screamed, but he beat her. I tried to run out and grab her, but my mom attacked me... She knocked me out...

Hours later I wake up in this room. And this guy was staring at me. I was asked questions, I told him every thing about my parents and twin sister. The guy listened then told me that my dad and twin sister were killed in a car accident. And my mom did like some sort of "medication" (Drugs) and she killed her self. They found me in the dumpster. I didn't care about my parents, it was my sister I cried and cried about. I loved her, she was my only real family...

Now I live in a foster home, my wounds, cuts and bruises are almost all gone. For Christmas I got a dsi. They are like my real family. I love them. But miss my Twin Sister Lily. R.I.P Lily <3

I said all this cause I think it is unfair for kids to come home and be beaten, by there parents. I don't want any one to be treated like how I was treated.