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-.Da ONLY Ghetto Ninja on Hatena.-

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Aye'Yall, Welcome to the CreatorRoom of ☆HN

HN, HiddenNinja✩

Me ish ♂

Me llamo: HN, Adam Steadham

Age: 16,3/4 (Bday 10/8/95

Ht/Wt: 5'9, 129lbs

BldTy: O

Location: Pflugerville,TX :US

Interests: Art, Animation, VideoGames(Nintendo), BasketBall&Soccer,Elc Bass, Homies,Lobsters Ect.

Sexuality- Straight(IRL) Bi(Online)J4F

Ethnicity- Black/White, Native:Apache, Scottish


Food- All Seafood/Fried Chicken/BBQ Ribs(ONOMNOMNOM)

Color- DeepOceanBlue/ BloodScarletRed /Midnight Black

Music- DrumN'Bass/ Rap/ Breakcore

VideoGames- (Everything Nintendo)Especially Mario/Kirby, Ratchet&Clank Series

ComputerGames- AngelsOnline

Instrument- Keyboard♫, Elc.Bass

Singer/MusicArtist's- Gang$taGibb$♪, LimeWax♪,Serum,SPL♪

Animals- Cats,Ferrets,Lobsters,Crawfish

TvShows- KidsNextDoor, AdventureTime, Chowder, RegularShow, FostersHome, Boondocks

Anime- CodeGeass, KeroroGunso, OnePiece

BookSeries&Manga Series- ScottPilgrim, FLCL

If you:

Had 1 SuperPower: Teleportation (Definantly)

Could Change 1 thing in the world: End Greed

Had 3 Wishes: Make Pokemon Real, Others could see what I'm thinking, Goto Heaven

Became President: I'D VETO EVERYTHING!!

Current RP OC's: Gaiken, FN, Heaterman, Start, Greg&Tco

Hatena Idol: *-=~BosS~=-*

=MaiLovelyAdorableWief~ *Aria★<33333 ILYYYYY~ ^909^ NU Ya'll cant haz her!!

=About Me: I am a guy(obviously) Im in love with art, and drawing comical action settings and stories. I can make up the plot and story/a fully detailed and backgrounded character in a slpit second. Im a very creative person at mind and heart. What I love to obtain out of art is the satasfaction of becoming better, and to see what others think about what I have made. I plan one day to become an action cartoon animator or sumn(Like those anime with the fightin an crap). I am not too picky, but there are ALOT of standards in my book of life. I dont really have intrest in Aliens, I HATE zombies, and I think anime can be REALLY REALLY dull XD (like fureal, so much talent for stupid stories).

I AM NOT A FURRY, but ima be honest, I find pokemon an char's like my OC (Gaiken) Attractive in an artistic perspective. I love music almost more than anything. Music is my ultimate motivation and inspiration, An I use it in EVERYTHING I do in life.

Im half black, consider me a black person kinda(Cuz I act a n!gga all tha time XD) I listen to and compose rap and beats. I love black culture, behavior and music. An I kiiinda believe in Black superiority even though it will never happen(DEATH STARE @ OBAMA 4 NO REASON)~

IM SENSITIVE!! Sorry, Ima be honest, I didnt have many friends growin up, then I was raised by girls -u-" .So, Im a wierdo in alot of cases,(Also blame the japanese art that crowded my head as a kid) So, here I am. RP w/ me.

BEST Hatena Buddies:(NotInOrder) Jzork, WoW, PicklesW/C, Ike, Mew2, Yuzuki, Xoie, Rubi, Lotus, PikaVio, Pancakes, Ike, Flash, Mr.HQ, Wu, Danbo2.0, Ghost#, Mellow~ (Sry If I Forgot some) ouo""

Full name

Gaiken- Gai Gai Ken



Your 5? When I was your age I was 6


Nonono, My Unbirthday is tommorow

Blood type



Quadruple Wielder Swordsman


Whats school..?

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Flipnote Hatena

Place of birth

Planet Collea-4


Drawin an RPn

Special skills

Art an RapLyrics


English an Black