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Real name: Kathryn PQ Chan

Main OC: Heimong Wai Hungfook

Heimong Wai Hungfook was first released on February. 17, 2012


[Heimong Wai Hungfook means Hope For Happiness. In Cantonese, 希望幸福 means "hope for happiness", and how you pronounce it is "hoisum wai hungfook".]

Heimong has the same looks, personality, and attitude as me, like, a virtual version of myself, just, Heimong is missing some little parts that complete the picture of I; like my birthmarks on my face and ear, and I usually wear two necklaces that were given to me as a gift from two of my best friends and I a wear a black watch on my left arm.]


I'm Heimong Wai Hungfook from Hoisum Creations!!!

I really love Hatena, it's a great way to create and share your own creations to the world and be inspired by many other creators/producers here on Hatena!!!

I have a dream to become famous one day... but not too famous like other famous stars!! I need my privacy too!!

Judging by how many people there are in Hatena right now, I don't think I'd get noticed really easily.. at least a have a few fans so far, that's a good start!!

I really don't mind if my progress on being famous is slow, as long as I always try my best.. even if no one really notices!!

I would like to thank everyone including you who favorites me, downloads my flips, adds stars to my flips, and views my flipnotes often, I really do thanks so much, even just you just did it once I really, really do appreciate it!!! Makes me very happy and proud!!!

Thank you and have a nice day!!! Smile too!!! :)

  • Heimong Wai Hungfook & Kathryn PQ Chan

Oh! Forgot to mention my old oc's name was LungFa.. which some of you may recognize! ;D

Also visit some of my other websites!:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heimong-Wai-Hungfook-%E5%B8%8C%E6%9C%9B%E7%82%BA%E5%B9%B8%E7%A6%8F/199037926863314?sk=wall

deviantART: http://heimong-wai-hungfook.deviantart.com/

Gaia Online: http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/heimong-wai-hungfook/33419541/