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Hiya! ^^ This is Hoshi =3

I have Deviantart! ^o^ http://Hoshibell.deviantart.com

Im not that good at animating yet, please bare with me T^T

But Im trying my best to get better! ^_^

At first I found it so difficult to draw on the DSi's small screen but now I think Im used to it ^_^ My drawings are clearly much better than when I started. But now all I need to do is work on animating.. -o-;

I have 2 characters, My main wolf, Hoshi and the rabbit Tsuki.

Hoshi means Star in japanese and Tsuki means Moon.

Hoshi originally was based off a cat girl from a cute animation on DA and youtube called 'Draw with me'.

If you look at my older flips, You'll see some resemblence between Hoshi and the cat girl.

But of course, Over time, Hoshi began to change in appearance and now is more original and doesnt look like a copy anymore- Which Im glad ^o^

Hoshi repesents me alot, in fact, The name "Hoshi" has been my nickname for 3 years, After I created a youtube account called "Hoshilugia"- Unfortunately the account was suspended due to copyright (I make AMVs 'Anime Music Videos')

But even though the account name is now 'Moonlugia', The name Hoshi just stuck with me and everyone calls me it XDD Even my real life friends sometimes! lol

Anyway, Hope u enjoyed that history lesson XD

Im sure over time my animation skills will develop, Just wait and see ^o^