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B-Day: October 6

Age 13

Gender: Girl (Obviously)

Fave Color: Blue

Fave T.V. Show: Invader ZIM, America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV), and Hetalia

Fave Food: Chicken Soup

Fave Creators: I'm not sure.....

Friends on Hatena and How We Met:ZOD (I forgot...) Vapor (We r BFFs in rl) Jewelz (We r BFFs in rl) Vulx (Chatroom) Apple25 (Vapor's little bro) and someone else.....

Fave Ice Cream Flavors: Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Rocky Road.

Fave Candy: Chocolate and Cookie Dough Bites

Fave Movie: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and A Christmas Story

Top 4 Fave Songs: 4:No Getting Over 3:Sexy and I Know It 2: Mr. Saxobeat 1: Anyone Else But You

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Glasses?: No

Braces?: No

Fave Store: Hot Topic (Thx Jijaba!!!)

Fave Resturaunts: Friendlys and Cherrywood Pizza

Fave Animal: Monkey

Pets: 2 Cats (Cinnamon and Pumpkin)

Siblings: Two younger sisters (Ages 10 (11 in Sept.) and 6 (7 in Aug.)

Parents/Guardians: A mom and a dad (<-lol)

Thats about it. ewe (<- <3 that face)

~Invader Zoe