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~~~~~Last Time Updated: 6/27/13~~~~~


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Find me here (more or less): http://jinx-and-howler.deviantart.com/

3DS Friend Code: N/A for now

Hope friends such as Silva Fox, Delta Wolf, and such, (sorry if I didn't say your name, I really don't want to type...) who I haven't found on Deviant ART or have an account, can find me or vice versa. I'm sorry I wasn't here to say a proper "goodbye" to this site. I highly doubt I'll get Flipnote Memo (I also don't have a 3DS for the time being), but if I were to, I'd put a link on here. I'll check off friends I've found on dA with a [x], and blank if I haven't.

See you soon~ <3



stuff to know: <= w=>

Age: 14 ( i've been thought of as older, but i'd think yew'd think i were younger <dB>)

B-day: 1,2,1999 (=w= same as pichus!(i think...(not the year <:P&gt;)

Name: Chelsie (pronounced likke "Chelsea")


Gender: Female <dB> >


Icon made by (get ready to fave~): Jelly


Organized Friend List in no Order: (Still, Happy Birthday!)

  • Andrew [x]
  • Shiny Zoura [x]
  • Sumi [x]
  • Umb-Dream []
  • Sky-Wolf []
  • Mintage [x]
  • Silva Fox []
  • Delta Wolf []
  • Jelly [x]
  • Silria [x]
  • MochA []
  • Gir []
  • Grray []
  • Xel []
  • Bluepaw []
  • Shiny Snivy []
  • Socks [x]
  • Darkshine (DS) [x]
  • Random Eevee [x]
  • Rawxy [x]
  • MV Moxie []
  • Bale Frost []
  • Breeze []
  • Byrdwolf []
  • Pika-san(: [x]
  • Star Seeker [x]
  • Goobie []
  • Morticai []
  • PMNC []
  • Dark Matter [x]
  • Solar Wolf []
  • Kirsten []
  • Wolf and Jack []
  • Oshawott [x] (Not dA)
  • Bowtie []
  • Amber4852 []
  • Shinx10 []
  • TripleS []
  • Beast []
  • Red Picab []
  • Sirius []
  • BV []
  • SpiderA200 []
  • Grace Wolf []
  • JINX []
  • Alpha Fox []
  • Absolutely []
  • Sam Shady []
  • Jolt Wolf []
  • David []
  • Sky Limit []
  • Wild Umbre []
  • Armboard []
  • Rena [x]
  • Red Joker [x]
  • Jeff [x]
  • pika []
  • Neptune [x]
  • Se@rbh []
  • Mafer [x]
  • Shiny Pichu []
  • Sandstorm []
  • Chaoko []
  • Kobe []
  • Mistaken []
  • Evil Melody []
  • Bass and Quail [x]
  • BLITZ []
  • Ko Kami [x]
  • RoARK [x]
  • Kirana [x]


"()" <- wut i call them (kinda(NO order) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


SORREH if i didnt add yew! <; A;> Plz tell meh! (maybe unupdated or memory fail)

I'll add moar later...



(All the names are nicknames) <'-w->

Jinx (me <dB>)

nuff' said. < >xD>

Howler the Bad Luck Chao:

She is a wolf/dog chao and overacts when she is called a cat. <dB> Howler is based off a stuffed animal that I have. <dB> She is most of the time the happy-go-lucky type of chao that gets over excited way too easily. <:P&gt; If anyone were picking on one of her friends, she would react immediately. < >:D&gt; But... She has a dark past (might make a series or i'll just write all their backstories <:P&gt;)

Type of chao: Wolf/dog/Bad Luck Chao

Age: 13

Likes: Friends, a lot of things! <dB>

Dislikes:FR < >:P&gt;, sitting still <dB>, not knowing what's happening <dB>, being called a cat/eevee, milk, tuna

Weapons(?): Shadow ball, arua sphere, transform <dB>, lots of pkmn moves <:p&gt;, melee fighter FTW <xD>

Gadgets(WTH e3e): IDk I'll learn about them later

DJ the Music Loving Chao:

She is a music loving chao! <dB> She is very alike to Howler except she's not as gullible. <dB>

She's awesome at building things (such as the robot chao)

Best friends with Frost (since forever, they live right next to each other). She has 9 siblings (5 girls, 4 boys)

Type of chao: ?/IDK/Music Chao

Age: 14

Likes: all music, friends, singing, dancing, being a dj <dB>

Dislikes:FR < >:P&gt;, sitting still <dB>, not knowing what's happening <dB>

Weapons(?): She throws bladded (blank <dB>) CD disks at her enemy, (there's more, I'll add later)

Gadgets(WTH e3e): Her headphones- after placing he music sign <dB> sticker on a friend, she can comunicate from a very far distance (like a cellphone <dB> lol), or, if she puts a rest symbol sticker on an enemy, she can track him/her down! < >:D&gt;

Frost the Snow Loving:

Almost oppisite from Howler and DJ, she is extremely shy. Most of the time she doesn't talk much (like me in RL (real life). She might be quite, but she is super kind! <^^> She alwawys thinks about he friends before herself! < >w< >

Type of chao: Lamb/Sheep/Snow Loving


Likes: Friends, listening to her friends blab <dB>, Steve <=//w//=>

Dislikes:FR < >:P&gt;, not knowing what's happening <dB>, the girl chao that jumps her <XP>, Player (who also jumps her <dBBB>)

Weapons(?): Her scarf- you never know what will happen to the scarf <o_o>, somethimes it'll transform into a baseball bat (WTH e3e), sometimes it'll explode in her face (<dB> lol, DJ's going to fix it somehow...)

Gadgets(WTH e3e): Her scarf- (I just explained it <dB>)

Joker the Fun Loving Chao:

When he was young like 3, he was attacked by (something IDK I'll think about it), by getting clawed in the face.<D:> And lost his left eye, he didn't like the glass eyes cuz they creeped he out <dB>, so instead he got multiple robotish eyes (from IDK). If he wants to he can switch them out <e~e>(kinda creepy...). As for the other eye, it's (kinda) the normal eye. When he's serious it looks more normal... <:P&gt;

Type of chao: ?/IDK/Fun Loving (?)


Likes: Friends, jokes, pranks, stuff like that

Dislikes: FR < >:P&gt;, when people make fun of his left eye < >:U>

Weapons(?): The floating spheres/ovals send out phywave (lol fail) like beams... (<:P&gt; about it)

Gadgets(WTH e3e): Joker has multiple robotish eyes that have different powers, but the one he normaly has on has physhic type powers. <:D&gt;

Shadow the Little Theif/ Shadow the Doppelganger:

Ran away from home,and didn't go to school (or wutever) so his grammer isn't that good <xD

His name is Shadow, ran away when he was 5 and is now 8, and he's a theif (who likes to steal mostly shiny things). He was experimented on, like Howler, Razor, Javelin, and others, so his "power" is the ability to create dopplegangers, max being 12.

(dB> i'll finish later)

Age:8 (ran away when he was 5)

Razor the Silent Killer:

Best friends with Howler before she escaped... (sad past, will be explained if i make a series/ write backstories)


Orchid (DJ's older sister):

Only OLDER sister DJ has.



Best friends with Razor after Howler left, "secretly" loves Orchid.


Steve (real name)/Ladybug Killer/What'shisface (personal nickname):

Crushes on Frost. < >w<~<3 >



Dates WAY too much...

Broken too many hearts...

Really likes Frost, and jumps her A LOT. <dB>


[Insert Female Chao that jumps Frost a lot's name]:

Jumps Frost alot... <dB> >


[Insert Ghost Chao's name here]:

Died at age 16.

[Insert Puppet Chao's name here]:

Died at age 15. (will be explained... maybe...)

[Insert Robot Chao's name here]:

Created by DJ.

Age: 2, but looks 17-ish