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I'm Jaz/ Jam Gloom

So I live in the land of red telephone boxes and black cabs currently...well the UK.

I speak English mostly, although I do speak a little French and German I would say I'm not that fluent, in fact it probably would make native speakers laugh, but then I wasn't allowed to learn French until I was 9 and German when I was 14 (damn UK education system)x_x But the strangest thing is although I'm poor at speaking them, I understand what people say to me in those languages...

Oh and I'm currently learning Japanese, by myself...

(Origins of Jam Gloom: Strangely enough another friend made this up due to my initials, and my liking of Jam...The Gloom part came a little later, when I was totally into Ruby Gloom and had everything with it on...and it kind of stuck now I use it as my online ID :O...) And Jaz, is just something to do with my DSi or rather the fact I named my first DS Jaz :O


It's good to be back, I've missed the banter on here. I'm trying to post whenever I have free time (which is pretty rare since I'm trying to get an article published at the moment and writing up an evaluation). When I reach the 50 fans mark, I'm hopefully going to post a spectacular flip I've been working on for quite a bit :)_ ¬_¬ Gosh so tired *yawn*, I swear the older I get the more tired I become and the less I do...