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Thanks for taking your time to read my un-real life!

Name: James/Jamzy Preece

Age: 13 (14 in 29 May!)

Lives: in Halifax, England, Earth (you can find me somewhere in the Solarsytem!)

Best Rank: 5

Friends: Ali, AnnA, CheW, SofiZ, R.O.B, Elimy, Homestar etc.

Likes: Chocolate, Scott Pilgrim, Xbox Live etc.

Here are my goals:


To get a flip with 10,000 stars or higher, to find my old fans,

To earn the respect of RG, To get 10,000 comments, To make a long cool flip, to date a girl who can draw manga! ^///^

I like music flips but I usally don't have enough music to record for them! BC

Ok, well see ya!

Uhhhh thanks for support and everyone who gives me a nice comment gets a free carrot! Joke!


MSN: jamzy200912@live.co.uk

FB: James Preece

=P Xbox live: Lil Jamzy