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Hello Friends fans or family im Japanlove and im eleven year old girl who loves all kins or things like pokemon , anime , chibi , stick figures and many more lol so , where going to move on to my friends like bff family members and much more hehe xD so first here


My Friends here as you read please tell me if you name its not here thank you know moving on xD lol wanna fill this up xD


Japanlove's Friends


Lillyeevee (Best Friend plus sister)

Oshawott33 (Bestfriend plus sisrer)

Hailwater (Best friends and sister)

Pikacutie ( Friends and sissys sis xD)

Bluecat42 ( Best friend and brother)

Jinjii xD (Best friend and brother ever so funny xD)

Kyro/ben ( Friends and brother)

Rosalie17 (my best friend forever)

Mayu+goku (my best friend forever)

ChaoKepper (good friend to me lolz)

AnimeFreak (best friend / just met)

AnimeJunky (such a great friend)

Soulfire (best friend forever)

Ninjagirl (Friend and very funny >w<)

Dusk (sister and just met :3

FireStar88 (hes fine for a friend X3)

Skitty (good drawer fantastic friend)

Jjmsonic ( shes nice and Very naural xD)


So kinda lazy lol any ways while thats over and theres inforemation abot my cute own charaters here is stuff abot them


Tiki ( pikachu)

Tiki is a female alway break aqua's window xD

and shes realy goofy and hiper and she loves

to play with jacob and zorria and shes the cutes

thing my life! lol sorry accting lika ba.by -.-

Andrew ( Charmander)

Crushes on aqua always want to poke her and ha.tes

zorria and he funny cool stange nice kind doesnt like

rocky and he always always says hello and goodbye thats

it buds see you next time friends ! ~japan Updated : july 13 2012