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Yo! I got my golden citizen ship! :o Dang, I wish I could use flipnote plus in my profile description x.x I'm starting to make almost-daily vlogs :)


Hi! My name is Jozef. I'm an age 12 male. I enjoy Flipnote Hatena and I hope to be in one of the higher ranks. Today, I checked out my ranks, its 126. I hope to be in the ones digits. :D My highest ranking I ever got was 98! I was like, yaaaaaaay!!!! Its was amazing! But, the day after, it went back to 198. Oh well! Any way, lets talk about the things I like and dislike. I really hate it when people post mean comments, I also dislike it when people take my stuff and take credit for it. What I like: I enjoy watching flipnotes by BOSS, Philip, ヒムラ★イナル, Ace$pade$, Austin G, Anthony, HGK 4 LIFE, Phoenix, and Retro&Geo. I like stars. :3 Hope you like my flipnotes! Add lots of stars* and comments!

Last updated: February 19 2011