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SMBZ Ep. ?- 100 years after Goku Sr.'s departure, his great great great grandson, Goku Jr., lived with Grandma Pan, who was the only remaining Z fighter still alive. Goku Jr. went on a life-changing journey to find the 4 red star dragon bal on Mount Paouz to wish his grandmother well when she collapsed from high blood pressure. He discovers his 1/16 Saiyan DNA allowed the Super Saiyan transformation. Goku Jr. joined the World Martial Arts Tournament and met Vegeta Jr. and his mother who has no name so I will call her Bra since Bulma's entire family is named after undergarnments. 20 years go by and Goku Jr. became the World Martial Arts Champion and now lives with Bra and Vegeta Jr. after Pan and Puck's deaths. Bra discovers a weird radar device and shows it to Goku Jr. Goku Jr. remembers a story Pan told when Trunks dropped it and Giru ate it. Goku Jr. then remembers that the dragon ball when all are brought together, Shenron appears and grants wishes.

Moc Ma's Burgers was out of business and Goku always remembered how good those burgers tasted. He always enjoyed going there despite that mean truck driver incident. When Goku finds all of the dragon bals and makes a bad wish on the wrong bals at the wrong time, they get sent so far off, they wind up in a different dimension. A certain someone was into some dimensional destruction and uses the built up negative energy from the dragon bals to destroy the dimension. Goku has to race to get the bals back to his dimension within one year.

When he finds them, he discovers other problems relating to SMBZ