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hello everyone i am gunfreak you could call me KJ-52,and if you want to know about me here it is, i'm a christian and the thing's i love: deadliest warrior (it's a tv show),Jesus,snake's,call of duty and warhammer40k. and that's it, my goal's on hatena are: being rank 20, 100,000 star's, 30 fan's (completed),45 fan's(completed) 50 fans (completed) 60 fans (incomplet) and that's all my goal's on hatena, my friend's on hatena:ホoonÏgh〒,Sleena, ブラツキー (a.k umbreon),LuとRIO,Snivy,Catnip,NeoCOMET,Flareon,JK£とHPâí,reina and that's all for now, Bye!