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My first pokemon game was crystal and the first legendary I caught was lugia LV.70

I Will always take drawing requests unless I say otherwise!

My birthday is October 5th I am 16!! Woohoo :P!

Alias': Red-Lugia, Kanden1, Kanden01, Blazecraft1005, Bayshore, QualmsThaEspeon.

My Hatena buddies are as follows:


Yin(you are so popular I am surprised you even noticed me)

Pebbletail(The Master at drawing quadropeds!!)

Bluelugia(My hypothetical twin on the color wheel?!)

Zoe(Your flips are so good! I am surprised your not in the top 100!!)

Furret Tune(Like... WOW your style is so unique! I am just stunned how well you are doing!!)

Baylee(You haven't been animating for long but you have stunned me!)

Lewa~(Your art style is so unique!!)

Cero(Why would you do that???)

Dragonfly719(I know how much you enjoy my plants ;3)

I'm Furry!! Don't Deny it!! ;P

My top 5 favorite Pokemon: 1-Espeon, 2-Electross, 3-Ampharos, 4-Luxray, 5-Rotom- fridge form!