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https://johnfladung.net - I am honoured that Tim wants this on his blog. I sent my review to Tim Morton because I pointed at one of his books in the review. David: You tend to work on all-ages material, Your own series Dare Detectives is in the spirit of a great old Saturday Morning cartoon, is the choice of tone a purposeful one? You needed to be able to tell where one ended and the next began. I see that as a humanist handle to a larger story, as described above - the end of Western Industrial Civilisation - the end of the World as we know it - the vapourisation of the capitalist system by the utterly implacable and vastly larger forces of our planets ecology. Avatar was very clunky in its critique of Western Industrial Civilisation. Avatar said Were ruining the biosphere with industrialism. We have to stop industrialism cuz Hence, to really get the point of the World Ending, von Trier couldnt have the World ending - it has to be The Planet Itself Ending. Trier says it is about humans acting in a difficult and depressing time, drawing on his own experiences of clinical depression. I find myself unable fully to speak to, yet compelled nevertheless to speak, the tale of his Ancient-Mariner-like wandering across the Pacific Ocean, most recently to Beijing where he was a guest speaker at the World Econo...