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Hey I'm Katie I'm 15, brunette hair, 5ft 2, I have a small obsession with Danny o'donoghue and Frankie Cocozza, idk why but yeah..

Photos of me are on my flips and I also love music and having fun! I don't take life seriously and I love all my friends!

Katie x


Your beautiful, so nice, crazy but be proud cos im proud to call you my sister :) x


Your always there when i need you, you helped me find a nice guy and meet new friends, your beautiful and so caring :) x

Ollie - What can i say?! Amazing lad, such good friends with you and miss you :) x

Oliver - Doubt you'll read this, but im sorry about everything thats happened to you but your amaxing and such a good friend, dont forget it :) x

Frankie - Where can i start my loving friend hah, you an absoute legend. Love you frankssss :)) x

Jack - Asdfghijkl, your back. Missed you too. Big hugs are in order I think :) x

So many shoutouts, if you really want one then ask but DONT expect! :)) x