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My username is ☆K66Gunso★, but you can call me K66 or Gunso if you see me in a chat or something. (And no. I'm not saying my real name). I'm 15 years old and my birthday is April 14, 1997 (So don't forget it!) I live in Delaware and am a huge otaku! so I usually make anime-style flips. I also have a YouTube account. K66GunsoFN (Yes, a combonation of both my username and Hatena ID, so don't believe anyone else who says they're me on there. ^^) Now here's some FAQs (LOL Rhymes with Quacks!! ^^)

#1~ Do you have any advice for Animating?

A~What I usually do is find a flip with good animation, go to details, and look at the pages with the animation part I like. Then I study it and practice making my animation better.

#2~ How can I be more popular?

A~ Well for me, I posted flips with comedy, and/or MVs With well-known creators/animes and linked them to as many channels that related to them. That helps people see your flips! You should also go to chats and make lots of friends to make your name more known throughout Hatena.

#3~ Can You put me in one of your flips?

A~ No. Sorry. I only put my Hatena friends in my flips, so [putting it bluntly] If I don't know you, your chances are screwed.

#4~ Can you add me to your favorites?

A~ No. Sorry, but my faves are reserved for friends [who are honest, don't steal...etc.] and creators that I like the work of.

#5~ Where did you learn to draw?

A~ I watch A LOT of anime, so it kinda rubs off on me. (Different styles, animation techniques...)

#6~ Why did you join Hatena?

A~Well, pretty much, I used Hatena as my "Storage room" for flips. I started running out of room in my System memory, and at the time I didn't have an SD card and I didn't wanna have to delete my flips, so I thought I'd post them for fun, and had absolutely NO IDEA in a MILLION years that I'd ever become popular! :O

#7~When are you going to report the people who steal your flips?

A~Never. I don't believe in reporting others; false or not.

#8~What's "K66Gunso" mean?

A~It's basically a Kanji wordplay for "Keroro Gunso", the (BEST Action/Sci-Fi anime/manga EVARRRRRRR!!) (In my opinion...)

Y'see, K66 is like the number form of Keroro. 6 Translates to "roku" in Japanese, so it would be "Ke-roku-roku", but cut of the last syllable in the number and you get "Keroro" To better explain it: (K66= Ke-roku-roku=Keroro). And Tamama is TMM, cause there's no numbers in Japanese for "Ta" and "Ma", Giroro is G66 (Again, no number for "Gi"), Kururu is 966 ("Ku" is 9, and"Ru" is closest to "Ro" so it's a 6), and lastly, Dororo would be D66, and that's pretty much self-explanitory. XDXD

#9~Are you Japanese?

A~XDXDXD No. I guess a lot of people think that because I draw anime? But there's not an ounce of Asian in me. ow<

I'm actually of a 75% Italian and 25% German Ancestry; but I'm ALL AMERICAN!

#10~Is your OC a boy or a girl??

A~No offense, but WHAT KIND OF DUMB QUESTION IS THAT!?!?!? Of COURSE I'm a girl!! :o

...It's cuz I wear pants, isn't it. =3= LOL

#11~How old ARE you...?

A~I'm 15... I know I sound like a really little kid because of my voice... TTwTT'

~Personal Records~

Highest Creators Rank: 2

Highest Overall Creators Rank: 18

Highest Flipnote Rank in Most Pop.: 1

Highest Overall Flipnote Rank: 1

Most Stars earned on a single Flip: 1,000,000+ (Backin' Up)


100 fans *REACHED*

1000 fans *REACHED*

3000 fans *REACHED*

10000 fans *REACHED*

15000 fans *REACHED*

20000 fans *REACHED*

50000 fans

60000 fans

80000 fans (LOL that's gonna take some time... =w=)

100,000 Stars *REACHED*

500,000 Stars *REACHED*

1,000,000 Stars *REACHED*

2,000,000 Stars *REACHED*

4,000,000 Stars *REACHED*

5,000,000 Stars *REACHED*

10,000,000 Stars *REACHED*

20,000,000 Stars

50,000,000 Stars


•••I LOVE making flips, and would never EVER DREAM of quitting, so look forward to LOTS of flips in the future! >w<•••



(8/20/11) OMG!!! Thanks you guys for getting me into the OVERALL CREATORS RANKINGS!!! I'm #29!!!!!!!!!!! >w<

(6/12/12) IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ!! So, SO sorry for not being active in almost 6 months. Stuff with school being school and yeah... But since it's Summer Vacation I can start posting again! WHOO!!!!!

Look forward to new, and even BETTERLY ANIMATED flips soon! d(>wo)b

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