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Hello, world!

My name is AwzumKidd, I'm 10 and I live in Bristol!

I was born on the 2nd of July 2001.

If you want to know my real name, it's Conor.

My ambition for the future is to be an animator and make a cartoon called "AwzumKidd", with all my fav flip creators and stuff in! (But I'm not going to wish my life away that easy!)

My main characters are:

AwzumKidd (me)

LucoBot (cousin)

Rig (imaginary friend)

I think I am the youngest proper animator on Flipnote Hatena!

I am, well I don't know whose biggest fan I am!!! :D

The best song in the world is "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri (or however you spell it)

My favourite color is purple and/or orange and my favourite food is waffles.

I have a pet Bearded Dragon (lizard) named Billy.

My fav film is "The Lion King 3D", it iz EPIC! (Literally)

My favourite book is "Goodnight Mister Tom" by Michelle Morgan.

Flipnote Hatena, Youtube and Binweevils, I think they're the best online things.

My favourite games are "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" and and "Call of Duty: Black Ops" and "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit" and "Pokemon Platinum, HeartGold and Black".

I love Pokemon, my first favourite Pokemon is Pikachu and my second is Riolu.

I chose Turtwig in Diamond, Chimchar in Pearl, Piplup in Platinum, Cyndaquil in HeartGold, Squirtle in HeartGold, Treecko in HeartGold, Totodile in SoulSilver, Bulbasaur in SoulSilver, Torchic in SoulSilver and Snivy in Black. Yes, I like to mix them up. My fav type is Grass.

I usually get my ideas from my favourite cartoon "Invader Zim".

I get really frantic sometimes.

My personal quote is meh.

I go fishing with my Dad on weekends and my favourite fish that is easy to catch is a fish called the "Perch".

Also, I'm more of a spin-off guy. I don't steal or copy! I wouldn't ever do that. I just make MVs with other peoples' music. Why is this? MY MIC IS TOTALLY CR@P. How the h£ll are you supposed to record top quality music for a flip? My microphone just doesn't like me at all...

You may know LucoBot as my (best) cousin. (Yes, in real life!!!)

Rig is my imaginary friend.

One disadvantage of my life is I can only see in passive 3D, which means I can only see 3D when it's moving (e.g. 3DS or movies), and not single 3D pictures.

And, I'm epic when it comes to handstands and stuffs. I'm the best at cartoons in my class (not to show-off), but loadsa my friends copy my style of drawing!

I prefer Sonic than Mario, however, Nintendo than Sega.

My favourite pizza is pepperoni, mushroom, ham, cheese, pepper, YUMMEH!!!)

You fail ;]

Find me on:


Hi guys, it's the older AwzumKidd now (ConorMuffins), if you want to find me again my name on most social media is ConorMuffins and it's gonna stay like that, too.

If you wanna talk add me on Xbox or Skype (GT and Username are ConorMuffins).

I've only recently looked back at all the creators I used to be close with and chat with on Hatena and I figured why not let them know who I am now? (I don't imagine anyone I knew would try to find me but screw it). I do miss speaking to some people I got to know truly on Flipnote, and this is the most I can do. I just wish Nintendo weren't so greedy T_T...

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