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Hey Everyone! I am KungFuGod, part of many flipnotes in hatena. Me and one of my friends on hatena named HyperReese work together on flips together like MV's and the upcoming restarting series of behind the door, it was a series that was started then stopped a long time ago, check it out! Me and HyperReese are going to be working to bring that back even better this time. Me and another one of my Friends on hatena who is really good at this, Mr.moomooo, we do this sometimes too. So please check out my flips as much as you want and feel free to add me. Oh, and me and HyperReese now have a youtube channel! So, if you want to see us IN PERSON, go on youtube and search "HyperGodify". We posted our first video and will be doing a Minecraft series on youtube. Please Subscribe. Thanks :)

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