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Hi, I'm DarkHeart, as of right now. Perhaps later it will change...

Its like 11pm right now so Imma go do something fun... Adios. Edit: I don't even remember writing that... Any-who, I think that goldfish are pretty awesome. I should be posting more often after a few more weeks. So yeah. Can't wait(:

Life is a crazy thing and you have to hold onto it dearly because there will be a point when you either stand or you fall.


Sample of my writing.

Candles lit the dark hallway. The sound of heels clicking against the stone floor awoke a young girl. Her face was pale with sickness and thin from malnutrition. Her lips were bIoody and cracked from her lack of water. The girl sat behind a weak wooden door, but it was enough to keep her in. A panel of bars rested in the middle of the door so that her tor.mentors could talk to her. Her fingers were broken and swollen and her wrists were bound to the stone cold wall behind her.