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WARNING: You have just landed in Gamerzz's creators room description. Please notice the things i am about to type is a piece of cr.ap!

Hello, and welcome to my description! Not yours! MINE!!! So yeah, now that we got that covered, I would like to know about you! First, tell me ur address! dB, fine, lets start with your name! Name:______________

Oh, so ur not telling me. Well, I already know your name! It's Billy! Oh yeah, thats right! I should know, because I read minds! Jk, your friend told me. NOW BREAK UP WITH UR FRIEND! So yeah, mainly I wanted to know ur address (name), so lets get this description's party on!


Oh god! Gravity falls! Its so good yet so creepy. In fact i work on flipnotey. woot woot! unproper gramar iz unpropor gramar

Anyways, i am seriously thinking about quitting. So heres wut i do. I post season 1 of episode (20 episodes) cuz im already through with season 1 i finished it today, and if not even one episode gets popular, IM QUITTING FOR GOOD! THAT MEANS GONE! BYE BYE AUDIOS GAMERZZ WHO BLEH BLEH! So July 13th, BE HERE!!!!

thats all ._.


I mainly got my dsi Dec. 25th 2010. I joined March 10th for various reasons! Lets just start with I think I wasn't ready to make a flipnote hatena account because i didn't know about it! XD, jk! I did! Anyways, so I did what every newbie did! Add stars to crappy flipnotes! I didn't know this was bad until January 4th! I read Pheonix's Hatena Tips flip, and when I found out I was adding stars to star scams. stolen flips, and many other stuff, I was devistated! I was devistated that flipnote hatena wasn't for entertainment anymore because my sister back in 2009-2010 shown me alot of flipnotes that I really liked, and when I finally get a dsi, this is what I see! I almost sobbed because of it! It was decided then I start everything over on my dsi! Dsi camera, sound, and flipnote studio all deleted and restarted! Only one problem, how can I get rid of all the star scams and cr.ap! Later, at the end of January, I accidently sat on my dsi, and when I noticed that, I was shocked. I kept this a secret to my mom till Feburary 4th. When she announced I had a flipnote hatena account, I was kinda worried! Lets go a little forward in time! On Febuary 10th, my sister asked me if she can borrow my dsi so she can log in to her account. When I gave it to her, she logged in! Worse, when I told her to log out, she didn't know how! It was official that she was stuck on my dsi until further notice! This may all seem a hunk of a mess right now like...

So when I called mom for help, I showed her my dsi, and she was furious at me! She told me she'd send it to the dsi repair shop tomorrow! Thats how I got rid of my top screen. Now:

Here is the sad thing, for my sister. All the star scams and stolen flipnotes i starred all transported into my sister's account! XDD. Now how did we break apart accounts. We just found the solution late Febuary when in a random place in my creators room, I saw catvampire and an x. When i clicked the x, my sister's account was finally delinked! Then, March 4th, when my dsi finally was back, I started making flipnotes, and Louieman1 was born! Now we need to know how Gamerzz was born! You see, on March 10th, I sadly still cared about stars. So I deleted all the flipnotes of my old account, and renamed myself Gamerzz. Now how did I come up with Gamerzz. I mixed John #9's games and rzz, and got Gamerzz. From then on the months, I noticed how many people had Game in their names! XDD.

Well thats all for this description. Remember to I LIKE CHOCOLATEMILK!!!!!!