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Hi im Shugo (diagnosed 20% gay name)

Name: Miriam ミリアム (50% gay)

Age: 13

Birthday: 21.05

Take the gay name test too:


Other funny dignosers (this was true D:) D: b: o_O Oh god


For some weird reason I love this song o.O



To be Norwegian I do watch alot anime

Anime and Manga:

Favorit anime: Shugo Chara

Funnyest anime: Oran high school host club

Favorit manga: Alice and the country of hearts

Moste perv manga: Desire Climax (I like the story but some of the thing they draw + drawingstyle might turn out perv)

Funniest manga: Hana Kimi ( Its so competly gay dB)

Best anime watching at the moment: Uta no prince-sama

Best manga reading at the moment: Tenshi ja nai


The Mangas in my bookcase:

12 volume of Negima

2 volume of haiate the combatbutler

16 volume of school rumble

5 volume of Rosario + Vampier

7 volume of shugo chara

3 volume of Aishitenuge BABY

29 volume of InuYasha

17 volume of Ouran high school host club

8 volume of Otomen

6 volume of tenshi ja nai

1 volume of Peach Girl Sae`s story

1 volume of Wild Ones

3 volume of Tokyo mew mew

1 volume of sailor moon

1 volume of lucky star

7 volume of Full Moon wo sagashite

5 volume of kimi ni todoke

3 volume of gentlemens alliance

This will be changed after I have bought a manga

Dont ask about One piece and Naruton and stuff.

I dont like fighting mangas/animes.









I love Smosh




My characters(hope you sit comfy cuz this can take a little wile):

Harin(main) 2o% gay

Bleatch 20% gay

Daisy 10% gay

Grinn 40% gay (80% if you skip a N)

Luna 10% gay

Thomas 50% gay

Phillip 70% gay

Salto 60% gay

Suga 40% gay

Synthia 30% gay

Kaisa 100% gay D: (well she did say gay in one of my flips)

Ragy 100% gay (he is gay too)

Spears 60% gay

Standy 90% gay (she is more the blond type)

Cuddle 80% gay

Pete 90% gay (I did expect that)

Savanna 70% gay

Obos 0% gay o.o

Yokobo 70% gay

I have the feeling I have more characters. If I have I`ll write em later


Random questions I(not all quest asked) and other have asked me.

Q: Can we be friends?

A: Well I cant befriend everybody that i dont know or even is an Noob,scame,etc...

and idont relly like to answer no so I just ignore it then.

Q: Can you put me in your flips?


Not becaus I dont like you or anithing I just dont put ppl in my flips(easyly forgets ppl)

Q:(asked by one dB)How do you draw that perfect?

A: LOl wut, do I draw perfect??????

Q: How old are you?

A: Im an old lady living with fifteen cats in an apartment... JK im 13.

Q: Can you draw me an icon,enter contest,collab,etc...

A: If im in the mood I`ll do the moste.

Q: Why is your chara a boy?

A: Cuz hes awesome dB<

Q: How long have you been on hatena?

A: Almoste one and a half year. Im old and good.

Q: Have you made more the one account?

A: Funny that you ask... I have!!

Q: OK... How many and whats the name?

A: Two(I think) And the name is にillerQeeわ id:Miricool (oldest) and No More (it was cherry<3me) id:Kissichic

Q: LOL wut?


Q:Your a boy right

A:Eh... NO...

Q:Finish this sen tens "My favorit word is...

A: GAY!!!!

Q: Do you love gay stuff?

A: You bet!

Q: What is the gayest thig you have said

A: Hard to say... My language is gayish.

Q: If you were gay which girl would you marry(on hatena)

A: Dingo Wolf because she is d*mn sexy.

Q: Are you gay

A: Nope dB

Q: Something you hate about hatena that`s not about copy,stealing, etc.

A: Those flip with those big b**bed bad animated sonic girls and all the Shadow from sonic is my love and such... So annoying!

Q: Can I ask more questions?


Shugo >3> ϾᴥϿ


I guess when you read this desc I seam like a happy girl that have no other boyhers than school in mind, you are wrong...

I have been bullied recently too...

I want to tell you my story about beeing bullied so you might not feel alone or think twise befor doing that to other.

In kindergarden I was pretty cheerful. I played with everyone had fun and all that stuff. I was a little bit chubby in kindergarden and if it wasent for the bullies I might have had that away. When I started school it was pretty different. I might have been 6 years old but I knew what was happening. I was kind of unsure and held back in talking and such the first year of school sens I had seen so many cartoons with mean teatchers so I tried to be nice and keep to myself. That is something I never should have done. My classmate saw I was a easy peach to pick on and cuz I was a little chubby they`d go for making fun of that. It keept on in many years. The first time I was really awere of that it was bulling was in 4th grade. I comfort eat alot because of I really diden`t feel well after beeing at school. I faked beeing sick many times just to not going to school. At that time I thought I did it because I diden`t want to do schoolwork. It contineued until 7th grade at that time I had been called: ugly, fat, crybaby and lots of other stuff. The boys picked on me physicaly and the girls picked mentally. I really never had real friends in school. And a bestfriend was a far away dream. I even thought a lot of tomes of doing suicide but was afraid of dying and afraid of keep on living. In 7th grade in the beginning of the schoolyear I discovered hatena. I loved making flipnotes and hear comment nice comments from people all around the world. It made me feel loved. I can say it kept me alive. All I had in my life was bullies and manipulating fake friends. I stopped playng with smallgirls toys in a late age because I could use my imagination to create someone to talk to me without getting a fake smile. When it was time to choose school for 8th grade I could choose to just keep the school I was on or move school. My parents was surprised by how fast I picked to move school. I had never propably told them that I was bullied. It was a hard school to get a place on but I got it and that was the best choice I had ever done in my life. I got friends and my self-esteem got slowly up from the dirt.

But... I would have been an other even happier person if I hadn`t been bullied, but at least it`s over now...