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Hello there~

Okami/Okamiden fan here!


Yaoi fan(Please don't argue with that)

Shy-type person(May take awhile to talk to).

Requests and art trades are welcome, just ask nicely.(Not rude dude)

If you have any ideas or stuff to aid me would be great.

Want me to join your series or YOU wanna join my series, please ask.

Please no stealing and re editing stuff thats not yours thank you~

...Very short info isn't it?...oh well.

LIKES:Drawing, Video gaming, Cheering up people.

DISLIKES: Haters, Stealers, Reporters for reporting no reason.

MUSIC: Chevelle, Gorillaz, Vocaloid, H.I.M.

MOVIES: How to train your dragon, AVATAR, 9, The Crow, Corpse Bride

GAMES: Final Fantasy Series, Final Fintasy Crystal Chronicles Series, AVATAR, Kingdom Hearts, Shin Megami Tensei Series, Okami/Okamiden and Pokemon.