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Well someone stole my dsi. So until i get a new one i wont be posting or anything. So I am sorry for delinking all my dsi and stuff but some kid and some other people decided to steal my stuff when i was at a wedding, i will be getting a dsi as soon as i can if that helps you guys out. I hope that this is not too upsetting to some of my flipnote friends but this is how it has to be for a while.

I have some goals.

XGet an awesome theme

_Buy color star pack

X 1000*'s

X 10000*'s

X 50000*'s





X 10 color stars

_ 50 color stars

_ 100 color stars

_ Top 100 creator rank

_ Top 20 creator rank

_ Top 10 creator rank

_ Top 5 creator rank

X Bronze citizen

X Silver citizen

_ Gold citizen

_ Platinum Citizen

X 10 fans

X 50 fans

X 100 fans

_ 500 fans

_ 1000 fans

_ 1500+ fans

First of all my name is AnGoRrIoR. It is the words angel and warrior combined. Anyway I am a 14 year old boy/dude/ male gender.I love to make flipnotes play pokemon and talk with people on here. I am not popular in the real word but I am coming to find out that people are starting to like my flipnotes. I joined this a while ago because I really started to want to meet nice people and figure out what I am good at. So far i am finding out that I am okay at stickfights and mv's and I am doing better at comedy lip syncs. I have been working so hard on finishing a lot of my flipnotes but I just have so many on my list and it will take a while to complete it. MY HUGE GOAL THIS SUMMER is to get 250,000 stars(not likely to happen) bit its always nice to think about your goals in a good way, and i have come to find out that treating myself negative is not helping, that is probably why i have very few friends in the real world. I hope that I can meet some popular creators on here and become one of those popular creators. Angorrior is 17 years of age or actually 17000 but was killed as his other half human form. When tamorok went to heaven as being killed by Necora Angorrior said he would love to combine there two halves to make the angel warrior angorrior. Angorrior was an orphan in heaven but then tamorok the warrior and the angel angorrior combined to be ultimate. Their goal is to still kill Necora. That is all i have to type right now cause i am typing so fast my fingers and my arms hurt LOL. TTYL

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